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Published: 2 years ago
Pkistan Military Academy at its best ...
Cadet ship, training, Pltn commander riding horse....

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8 months ago

Wow 😍😍

11 months ago

Wana chit chat a military guy ?

4 months ago

Pakistan army is Nationalist Army, unless we have one Islamic Country from Pakistan to Libya and One army , we can not call our self Muslim Ummah. Either you become one Islamic state or give freedom to Baluchistan, Pashtunistan and Sindhudesh. You can not use Islam on Sindhi, Balochi and Pathans , and tell that forget Iran , Afghanistan and Saudi Muslims.

1 year ago

hindustani chutiya spotted

1 year ago

barii koe science larai jaey musliman sab

1 year ago

background music name plzzzzzzzzzzzz

2 years ago

Nice music. I also need to know

1 year ago

love u Pak Army 😍😍😍😍 lovely video

2 years ago

Awesome video keep it up

2 years ago