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Public vs. Private Cloud Deployment & Cost Analysis

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Published: 2 years ago
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there doesn't seem to be any mention of the wide range of compute options available in the public cloud. i did not see any mention of anything other than the on-demand rates for the AWS instances used as a straw man? your $.43 hourly rate for a 4.2XL is peak on demand pricing. Those are now at $0.398/hr for on demand. But you should know that most seasoned AWS customers with steady utilization commit to buying Reserved Instances (RIs). The RI pricing for 4.2XL is at $0.155. With selective choices of managed services/platforms, bare metal offerings and workload density strategies using containerized workloads you can drive that down much farther. I did not watch the video to the very end as you started getting into solar power, backup generators and more but I would expect that given the incredible effort that you put into making this video that you could put a more detailed effort into accurately representing the public cloud. most importantly, once you buy all that gear it's yours. if you have superb cloud architecture strategy skills and stay up on the best practices you can trade RIs in the latest hardware and high performance gear such as GPUs without two year hardware cycles. If you run your numbers for AWS using RIs and match your workload patterns to the right service and compute options you're going to see a marked reduction. I would be interested to see what your sensitivity analysis as I have worked at AWS and also worked in the private cloud openstack space and I can't say I would run headlong into managing the latter given how quickly public cloud offerings are evolving and how much competition there is on the cost front. depending on your workload attributes you may even be able to get away with sparkplugs(serverless aka aws lambda) over instances/servers/vms. --

5 months ago

+Jordan Novak You may be the only one who didn't watch the video or read the comments thoroughly before you commented.
Do you have anything to add or are you typically is not based on facts, pricing and reality? The video pruduced here is simply misleading and implies that the AWS cost structure is #unavoidably higher than it actually is. Tailor strategy and architecture and AWS works fine. On Demand is not the only rate at AWS. To imply otherwise is to confuse clients with partial information...

Let me know if you need me to post a link to the EC2 pricing table ao you can validate the accuracy of the comments made on this peculiar video.

I have shared it with a number of other cloudy folks. But it's hard to say if you're interested in community feedback.

If you're interested in dialogue bring some facts to your next comment. This video misrepresents AWS costs as a fake strawman. Period. It has almost nothing to do with whether they still use aws

2 months ago

sounds like you didn't watch the video. See about 20 minutes in where he discusses that they still use Amazon... #fail

2 months ago

is it possible to see this configuration? I am doing a research on private cloud and this really justice my view

5 months ago