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Out & About: MRYCG On Tour 20/11/18 Part 2 ~ A Tour Of Hatton's Model Railway

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Published: 5 months ago
Welcome to Barnabas Junction.

MRYCG On Tour 20/11/18 Part 2 ~ A Tour Of Hatton's Model Railway

Greated by Jack Morgan (Digital Marketing Executive) & David Mylett (Exclusive Commissions Manager) we were all taken on an amazing tour of the entire Hatton's site.
During our time on site we were also joined by the Hatton's Managing Director Richard.

An amazing tour of the warehouse, seeing how the many thousands of the everyday orders are picked, packed and made ready for distribution.
A look at how the telephones and internet orders come in and get processed, followed by a refreshing look around the newly redesigned public shop (with a chance to spend a few pennies).
It was then the moment for us all to checkout some of the many exclusive new products in production on the Hatton's test track whilst getting to hear about a few secret future projects in the pipeline.

The MRYCG (Model Railway Youtube Community Group) would like to thank you all the team at Hatton's for taking the time to invite many Model Railway Influensors from across the UK helping to bringva positive attitude to the Hobby.

We all look forward to working with you in the future!

*LIVE STREAMS RE-UPLOADED from Model Railway Youtube Community Group.

Members Layout links:

Geoff Readman ~ Jumble Lane Model Railway -
David Speirs ~ David Train Time -
Brian Finnerton ~ Finnerton Central -
Chris Hunts ~ Hunts Heath Model Railway -
David Capper ~ Beeton Hough Junction -

Also meeting up with:

Callum ~ SDRJ7F88 -
Sam ~ Sam'sTrains -
Richard ~ Everard Junction -

It was an absolute please to meet you chaps, true gents within the Model Railway World.

Dont forget to checkout Hatton's Youtube Channel - and have a browse through the website here -

I hope you enjoy watching.

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P.S. lookout for a EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Richard of Everard Junction......

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comment  Comments

Was expecting to see a bigger shop front than what we saw and it looked like all the great stuff was hidden away. I'm sure i saw a few boxes that said 'Fragile, handle with care' kind of all hickle-ty-picklety'
Nice to see the plaque on tour and also at the weekend at Warley.
Steve @ Railway Laser Lines

4 months ago

What amazing company jason brilliant video mate love the tour of hattons 🖒🖒

4 months ago

Great vids jason wish i could of made it well jell keep up the fantastic work

5 months ago

That's an amazing shop. Nothing like it in USA. Quite a collective of creators, too. The group of you (with Richard from Everard Junction , Sam, and Callum) are like part of an Cambridge College Oxford Faculty of layout professors. You could give brilliant lectures. There are others out there, as well, but what a Model Railway Class that would be.

5 months ago