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People Enjoying Street Food | Office Workers Take Lunch in Kolkata Salt Lake City|Street Food Online

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Published: 1 year ago
People Enjoying Street Food | Office Workers Take Lunch in Kolkata Salt Lake City | Street Food Online.

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Eat at your own risk

4 months ago

I can't believe how indian people can eat food like safety on the dirty..

8 months ago

jai jai shri ram good delicious food

9 months ago

The most unappetizing shit I’ve ever seen. Only baboons eat that crap.

9 months ago

10 months ago

OMG the color oil so black just like fuel

11 months ago

This shop is bad... I used to take from this shop...
Previous they only making roti.. they did not wash the plate well very bad

11 months ago

omg the oil is super dirty

1 year ago

Oil is looking like soya sauce color disgusting

1 year ago

They use mustard oil. Mustard oil becomes dark quickly I guess

8 months ago

Btw rest food looks delicious we also make food like this but not soya sauce color oil...

1 year ago

Oil colour showing its over usage not religion silly people dragged religion everwhere sick minded

1 year ago

Tazi Fatim it's bengoli food you muslim's can't understand

1 year ago

Islam for kolkota...Allah O Abar.....

1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago

+ram chandran Thanks a lot.

1 year ago

Nice video! Sub for a sub please!!?!? Cheers!!

1 year ago

very nice I want take it😊

1 year ago